Hearing problem since childhood

November 15, 2016 Waheed No comments exist

Hi, I am 44 yrs of age I have had the hearing problem since early childhood it did not occur to me at the time when I was growing up. no one at school picked up on it until I started work at the age of 18 which is when I was told that I need my hearing checked by my employer.

Hearing problem since childhood

When I had this done privately in the early 90’s I was told I had a moderate hearing loss which meant I needed hearing aids. It took almost 2 yrs after that appointment that I got a letter from NHS hearing. They gave me over the ears hearing aids which I had worn for about 15 yrs and with that came embarrassment, loss of confidence, emotional, bullied, cursed, singled out and last but not least laughed at. I currently wear hearing aids which were prescribed to me privately which go in the ears at a cost.


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