Deaf girl found her parents

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Geeta a deaf girl found her parent after a decade.Geeta accidently crossed Pakistani border when she was 11-years old.She spent a decade in Pakistan but now she is back in homeland India.

Geeta was stranded in Pakistan after accidentally crossing the border.With the help of Pakistani and Indian ministers, she reached back to her family.

A 21-year-old deaf and mute girl, who lives in Edhi Foundation’s women shelter, was provided a picture of her parents which she recognized. “The picture was provided to us by the Indian embassy. It featured Geeta’s parents along with four brothers and a sister. She immediately recognized her family members,” Faisal Edhi, the organization’s acting chief said in an interview to a local media.

The family lives in Bihar and is reportedly in Delhi at present. Sources say Geeta  flown from Karachi to Delhi on a Monday when there is a direct flight. She made this important journey with a woman who has been her mother in Pakistan – Bilquis Edhi of the Edhi foundation, NDTV reported.

Deaf girl found her parents

Geeta broke down in tears on watching ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ and yearned for home. She shared her story with actor Salman Khan on an Indian TV channel. The actor known for his kind heart made it his mission to reunite the girl with her family in Pakistan. He gathered all the media attention for her which became the first step to her home.

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